SharePoint Interview Question Experience developer Part 1

  1. What is variations in sharepoint
  2. What is claim based authentication and how it works with the SharePoint in back ground
  3. What are features provided by document library
  4. What is mms? How can you make MMS terms Multi lingual?
  5. What is a claim based Authentication and how does it exactly authenticate?
  6. App fabric and why it is used?
  7. Difference between workflow architecture in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013?
  8. How can you publish 2 different versions of contentypes on specific sites?
  9. How can you make different versions of content types and what are the best practices for upgrading contentypes?
  10. Explain Distributed cache systems in SharePoint 2013?
  11. Explain MUI in SharePoint 2013?
  12. How to retrieve 15 thousand records from a list without setting throttling?
  13. Best practices for creating a site with pre created components.(example site definitions)?
  14. What is Feature Stapling and how it’s done at code level
  15. Explain App model
  16. Explain authentication and authorization in apps
  17. How to create context for high and low trust apps?
  18. How can you allow external users to use your o365 workflow
  19. Can you call a workflow in a workflow? if yes how?(Syntactically)
  20. What caching mechanism have you used with the SP
  21. What is STS and why to use it, why not use configuration list
  22. What is bcs and how you can move BCS from development server to production server
  23. Drop off library feature names?
  24. How will query the versions of the document
  25. How to store farm level  configuration in SharePoint
  26. What caching mechanism have you used with the SP
  27. What are the restapi endpoints in SharePoint
  28. What is odata and its filters?
  29. What is the endpoint to query the search using rest search?
  30. Which one to choose between rest vs csom
  31. Which one is faster webpart or visual webpart.
  32. Which class is responsible to create client context in high trusted apps.
  33. How will you ensure user with read permission can write into the list using Server object model and in Apps

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